Seven Disciplines of a Leader

It’s like having your own personal executive coach!

Seven Disciplines of a Leader by Jeff Wolf Now an International Bestseller


According to Wiley publisher, Richard Narramore, Jeff Wolf’s book has the potential to become a standard text on leadership for organizations around the world.” When Richard made that statement a year ago I never imagined it would happen but it did. Seven Disciplines of a Leader reached the bestseller list in Australia, Canada, UK, Germany and the US.


For those of you who bought the book and broadened your leadership skills, thank you from the bottom of my heart. For those of you who have not read the book and want to enhance your leadership skills or want become a leader in business or elsewhere, the book is available by clicking the buy now link below.


I’m excited to let you know that we now have a Leadership Development Program based on the book that’s aimed at growing future leaders in your organization and increasing the skills of your current leaders.


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Seven Disciplines of a Leader


Seven Disciplines of a Leader captures the distilled insights of Jeff’s 14 years of coaching and training hundreds of leaders at all levels in dozens of industries. The book explains the fundamental skills every leader needs to drive the success of their people, team and organization.


The Seven Disciplines are:
• Discipline 1: Initiative and Influence
• Discipline 2: Vision, Strategy, and Alignment
• Discipline 3: Priorities, Planning, and Execution
• Discipline 4: Social/Emotional/Political (SEP) Intelligence
• Discipline 5: Reciprocation, Collaboration and Service
• Discipline 6: Love and Leverage
• Discipline 7: Renewal and Sustainability


Leadership starts from within and manifests itself on the outside. This book gives leaders the skills needed from within and shows how to seamlessly transfer them into actions, including real life examples, and practice applications at the end of each chapter.


Jeff is donating all proceeds to the wounded warrior and military family organizations nationwide.

100% of proceeds from Seven Disciplines of a Leader will be donated to America's veterans.


“Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station is honored to be the recipient of proceeds from Jeff Wolf’s new book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader. It is the perfect partnership because leadership is one of the traits that defines the men and women of our Armed Forces. Whether they are defending our freedom, fighting back from injuries or transitioning to civilian life, our warriors demonstrate a rare sense of courage, honor and empowerment. Jeff is a patriotic American who is taking the lead in recognizing the sacrifices of our warriors by donating the proceeds from his book. We hope people will open their hearts and purchase this amazing leadership tool in support of our servicemen and women.”


- Sandy Lehmkuhler, President, Warrior Foundation-Freedom Station


“By supporting the needs of the men and women of our military, Jeff Wolf is leading and motivating by example. This display of goodwill cannot be overstated. We're honored to be included in this act of altruism.”


- Andrew McClure, COO, Building Homes for Heroes


“Jeff sees giving back to those who serve and protect our country as the ‘right thing to do’. His passion and commitment to giving back is to be applauded and we’re proud to be part of the effort.”


- Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO, Blue Star Families

About the Book


One of the great values of Seven Disciplines of a Leader is its reliance on a comprehensive and integrated set of guiding principles that are easy to understand and apply at all levels of the organization. Jeff Wolf, recognized as one of the country’s top thought leaders in leadership development, managerial effectiveness, and organization productivity, has helped hundreds of leaders dramatically improve their performance using the same techniques contained in the book.


Seven Disciplines of a Leader delivers four major benefits for a leader:


  • Build and sharpen your core leadership skills
  • Enhance your market position and reputation by attracting and retaining the best talent, leading to healthy revenue growth
  • Improve your decision making, interpersonal relations, and teamwork
  • Assist you in becoming a highly effective and dynamic leader, leading to increased employee engagement, enhanced customer service, and a strong bottom line


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